About Adeex?

About Adeex of service

Adeex is a free classified Ads website that helps you to establish local and international contacts.
You can post free classified Ads.
You can search classified Ads
You can write comments.
Always free!

Why is it called Adeex?

Adeex comes from the word advertisements, associated with the word "electronic".
We consider that our Ads are different from the ones that are placed in the written press. That is why we decided to call them differently.
You can say that you have posted a "Adeex" and people will understand that you are talking about an online advertisement.

What does Adeex do?

How much does it cost to post Ads in Adeex?

Posting classified Ads in Adeex is completely free.
Start posting right now!

Why is it free to post in Adeex?

Adeex offers a free service because Adeex advertises in the posted Ads, which help support our website.

How many classified Ads can I post?

You can post multiple ads, as long as they are not prohibited, duplicate or mass advertising (multilevel)

Edit or delete Ads

How do I edit my Ads without being registered?

It is very easy to edit or delete your Ads, just request a new management email from this link:
After this, you will receive an email with a list of you Ads with the subject: management email of classified Ads.
To edit or delete your Ads, please click on the link we have sent you (next to the title of the Ad).

Good luck!